Welcome to Dodge co, Nebraska marriages!

February 21, 2011

Welcome to our blog with more Nebraska data.

We have a good time collecting data, and hope you have a good time finding marriage dates for some of your people who lived in Dodge county or visited to Dodge county to obtain their marriage license.  It will be a growing site as our volunteers extract data and post it for your use.

If you want to obtain a copy of a marriage listed here, you can contact the county, or you can contact Greater Omaha Genealogical Society (G.O.G.S.), PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104.  G.O.G.S. research services will get a copy for you for $5 per copy to be mailed or emailed.  May be mixed with copies from any of our other sites)

Or you can contact gogsresearch@gmail.com.

You can also contact the W. Dale Clark Library in Omaha, 215 S. 15th St., Omaha, NE 68102  Check their website http://www.omahalibrary.org for their currant prices.

Though we’re starting small, we will be adding more names as time goes on.  It’s being done by volunteers so please be patient if the ones you want don’t automatically appear  (at the moment we’re working back towards the county’s beginning).  Also check some of our other sites, as many times our ancestors crossed county lines to marry in other places than where they lived–for whatever reasons they may have had.

The marriages are listed by both bride and groom to help in possibly identify siblings who may also have married in the county.

We are adding data for several different counties, and in order to keep them differentiated with as few keystrokes as possible per entry, the first two figures in the reference refer to the alphabetic number of the county in the listing of Nebraska counties. Only Douglas does not have the letter/numeric code.

Our thanks to Karen S. & Karen T. (honorary bridal attendants) for gathering & posting this information for your use.

Happy hunting, and we’re looking forward to helping you.